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15 Critical Capabilities of Omnichannel Order Management Systems

Posted by Shlok Dave on Aug 21, 2020 11:36:49 PM



Today, customers are constantly ordering products across multiple channels—their phones, laptops, tablets, and in-person.  Despite the challenges that come with managing orders across multiple platforms, retailers are expected to provide lightning-fast service and delivery. To navigate this new landscape, companies are turning to new order management solutions that coordinate the entire fulfillment process, from start to finish. But with all the options available, how do you select the Order Management System (OMS) that will best suit your company’s needs?

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Why You Need a Distributed Order Management Platform

Posted by Shlok Dave on Aug 14, 2020 3:06:00 PM



In the age of COVID-19, physical retail locations are experiencing a sharp decline in sales, while eCommerce is a booming business during this period of social distancing. Once the impact of the coronavirus eventually dissipates, retailers that filed bankruptcy will have to come out stronger than ever before if they’re to succeed in this competitive landscape. Many may come out of this situation realizing that the traditional, “boring” retail experience of the past is no longer viable to their growth and that they must embrace omnichannel strategies and experiential retail concepts to meet customers’ changing behaviors.

Omnichannel no longer represents a market opportunity for businesses; it’s a market necessity. But what makes one omnichannel strategy better than another? Have you ever heard of a distributed order management (DOM) platform before? If so, you likely understand its importance to your omnichannel success. If you’ve never heard the term before, we’re here to ensure you’ll be a DOM expert in no time, putting you on the fast-track to success for the rest of 2020 and beyond.


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Calculating the Return on Investment of BOPIS

Posted by Shlok Dave on Feb 10, 2020 1:39:00 AM



Retailers across the globe are buzzing about BOPIS (buy online pick-up in-store). We’ve all heard the benefits. This omnichannel strategy promises to increase online conversions, average order values, and in-store foot traffic all at once. But how often do we hear about the concrete data points and return-on-investment that BOPIS provides to brands operating in an increasingly competitive retail environment? Do retailers really know if and when BOPIS is working for them?

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